Each Data Centre in which we store our users’ data has security systems against power cuts, a dedicated, advanced ventilation and air conditioning system, as well as fire and burglary protection. According to the TIER classification, the data centres we work with meet TIER3/4.

We cooperate with each customer of the OptimaSales service in accordance with a contract (regulations) guaranteeing high quality IT services at the SLA level of 97.5%.

Its scope includes, among others: configuration of the LAMP server together with OptimaSales CRM software and updates. Everything is installed on very fast SSD and NVMe drives in a RAID configuration in a distributed file management system (DFS). Computing power is provided by fast, state-of-the-art Intel processors and fast and efficient RAM.

And everything is protected by a properly configured FireWall with all additional options against external attacks. Also noteworthy is the fact that once a day there is a full 3-day back-up, completely isolated from the production server, with triple write replication (this means writing to different locations, other data centres min. Amazon (AWS), BlackBlaze). This ensures that the loss of valuable information is reduced to almost zero.

Below in the form of a graphic how this is organised. In one such data centre block, the OptimaSales CRM data is located, and there is an individual installation of your OptimaSales service.
The connection to it is secure, stable and encrypted with an SSL certificate.

OptimaSales w Data Center